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What Fishing Activity Should You Try Next? Check Your Personality Type!

What Fishing Activity Should You Try Next? Check Your Personality Type!

From ourselves, to famous figures of the real world, to our favorite TV and movie characters, it’s fun to assign personality types to — well, just about everything around us! What about different types of fishing?

Of course, just like your Blackfin Boat, you’re totally unique — so there’s no way to say any one personality type or fishing activity will suit you 100% perfectly. You’re a wonderful mix of it all! However, if you ever find yourself stuck about which activity to do next, these personality-based questions inspired by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, or MBTI®, may be able to help.

You may already know your type (in which each person is a combination of four letters, corresponding to the traits below). If not, go take the official test now — then, come back and check out our suggestions for potential fishing fun you might be into!

Extroverted Or Introverted?

What’s the first letter in your personality type: E, or I? This one is pretty straightforward — it determines whether or not you’re a person who derives more joy and energy from being around people (extroverted), or from being on your own (introverted).

Now, no one likes to buy alone or not alone 100% of the time — but knowing your general “comfort zone” can help you find a fishing activity that you’re more likely to love. For the extroverted crowd, you might consider joining a local fishing club — or, in today’s modern age, a fishing group on social media where you can share tips, tricks, and proud catch photos!

This could even be a great time to start your own fishing page — so that even when you can’t fish with a friend, you can still share the fun virtually.

Err on the introverted side of things? Good news — virtually any kind of fishing lends itself to quiet, solo contemplation. But if you’re looking for something new, try fly fishing! Few activities get you closer to nature quite like this time-honored tradition of the stream.

Sensing Or Intuitive?

Next comes the S or N in your personality type, sensing or intuitive. This is all about how you absorb information about the world around you. If you’re all about sensing, you might fare well in an environment where observations abound — like, say, shallow-water flats where you can see the fish under the water and listen for sudden splashes, engaging your senses.

And if you prefer a more intuitive approach? Go surf fishing! There may be less obvious signals to pick up on when you’re dealing with interference from each foamy wave that rolls in — but for those who love surf fishing, that’s part of the fun. Trust your gut, cast your line, and enjoy!  

Thinking Or Feeling?

Now, it’s time for the T or F in your personality type — thinking or feeling. When it comes to making decisions, do you prefer arming yourself with facts, figures, and information? If so, consider getting started with a smart rod or other high-tech device that lets you input and analyze your fishing game!

For those who prioritize feelings in their decision-making process, catch-and-release fishing could be a natural extension of your desire to connect with the environment around you — and the people (and fish!) who call it “home.”

Judging Or Perceiving?

Ah, finally, J or P — judging or perceiving. This last question revolves around your overall outlook on life. Do you process and assign a concrete value on things as they happen, or prefer to take a more flexible, open-minded approach? If the former, a fishing tournament is a natural next step! You can have fun while enjoying the clear confidence that comes with quantifiable success on the water — 1st place, biggest fish, you get the idea!

And if you’re a total perceiver, try pairing your next angling adventure with a snorkeling session. This activity gives you a chance to explore the world around you — without any pesky pressure to win, keep score, or do anything but admire the underwater expanse.

We hope that today’s guide helps you find your next great angling adventure! We’d love to hear what personality type you identify with — and whether or not it informs your fishing preferences, too.

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