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5 Types Of Underwater Structure Where You’re Likely To Find Hungry Fish
As you prepare to hit the water on your Blackfin Boat this spring, you might be gearing up and replenishing your tackle box. Or perhaps you’re stocking up on strategy — that is, checking out articles and videos about how to maximize your success this spring, or land the catch that’s always evaded you.
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5 Reel-y Fun Fishing Activities At The Miami International Boat Show
It’s that time of year again: boat show season! While many of the best boat shows take place in warm convention centers removed from the frosty weather outside, the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show has no need for heat, coats, or winter hats — because, well, the February forecast hovers around a balmy 70 degrees. It’s not too surprising, then, that the angling action is heating up (pun intended) at this time of year, too! The beloved show boasts plenty of fun activities for families who love to fish — but there’s just as much to explore by taking your Blackfin Boat out for a spin in the surrounding area. Cruise along with us as we share five fun ways to experience the extended boat show weekend, which runs from Feb. 14-18.
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Ocean of Opportunities: Reel In The Fun With New Year Boat Shows
Another year is finally here! Whether you’re happy about that development or bewildered by the speed of the last 12 months, we’re all on the same page heading into 2024 — which is the perfect time to plan new fishing adventures and explore the latest in boating and fishing gear.
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Chilling Thrills: A Guide to Winter Fishing Fun From Your Blackfin Boat
So you want to enjoy winter fishing — something brisk and chilly, but not quite so frosty that you need to cut through ice to land your catch. We’re right there with you! Fortunately, there are plenty of spots where the waters are cool but not iced over — perfect for reeling in fun from the comfort of your Blackfin Boat.
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Warm Waters, Big Catches: Center Console Fishing in Sunny Destinations
If the calendar didn’t confirm it, the weather (in most of the country) certainly does: We’re officially in the midst of winter. But who says you have to store away your rods and reels for the next several months?
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