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Follow The Epic Journey Of A Blue Marlin In Fall
As October begins, the first signs of fall can be seen all around us: fallen leaves, pumpkin patches, a tree awash in orange against a crisp blue sky. But there’s another indicator of the changing season hiding just out of sight — cruising at a whopping 50 miles per hour in search of warmer waters down the coast.
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A Fall Fishing Adventure Off Georgia’s Jekyll Island
From Dracula to Frankenstein’s monster, there is no shortage of creepy characters as Halloween approaches — but we can’t forget about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella introduced the world to Jekyll and Hyde, two very different halves of the same man. Since then, it’s hard not to hear the name “Jekyll” and not think of the infamous literary monster. But does Georgia’s Jekyll Island have anything to do with him?
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