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Blackfin Boats Neptune Award Winner!
Williston, Florida -Blackfin Boats is honored to announce that they were recognized by the 2022 Neptune Awards for Marine Marketing Excellence, with Blackfin Boats 50th Anniversary hard cover brochure edition, receiving the award for best product literature. The awards, organized by the Marine Marketers of America (MMA), were presented during a cocktail reception on Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 at the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show.
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‘Tis The Season For Float Fishing
Spring has sprung — well, almost! It’s nearly that time of year when the prospect of hopping from a Blackfin fishing boat into the sparkling water below doesn’t sound crazy and chilly, but refreshing and cool. So why not combine the thrill of fishing, with the easy leisure of lounging around in a tube or raft? Indeed, fishing from an inflatable is possible — and fun! Here are just a few reasons why we love this buoyant take on fishing, and how to incorporate it into your next on-the-water outing.
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Follow The Springtime Fish Migration For Your Best Catch Yet
For most of us in the continental United States, the Gulf Coast is the place to visit if you want to soak in the earliest spring fishing — and the region, teeming with biodiversity, is also home to specific spring migration patterns you’ll want to know about before casting your line. Just read on to learn more!
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Get To Know The Clam Capital Of The World
Happy National Clam Day! As your go-to fishing boat manufacturers, we here at Blackfin Boats are happy as a clam to learn more about the creatures that define our on-the-water experience (unassuming mollusks included). In honor of the delicious holiday on March 31, join us on a virtual journey to Pismo Beach, California — which once earned the title of Clam Capital of the World.
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Discover A Mardi Gras Mascot On Your Gulf Coast Adventure
Mardi Gras is officially upon us — and the sweet celebration invites you to throw on your purple, green, and gold and indulge in the fun! Surprisingly, there’s a marine animal who already has a head-start on getting into the seasonal spirit. Meet, the Mardi Gras wrasse. Just read on to learn more about this colorful creature — plus, where fast fishing boats like your Blackfin can meet the Mardi Gras wrasse (and other vibrant fish) in its natural environment.
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