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What Should You Wear While Fishing? The Fish Might Have A Preference

What Should You Wear While Fishing? The Fish Might Have A Preference

Do fishing and fashion go hand in hand? Well, that depends on who you ask! Style-minded anglers might enjoy dressing up to match the look and feel of their next destination — bold tropical colors for Miami, preppy stripes for New England. Anglers who love athleisure might have fun taking out new, streamlined sportwear for a spin. And of course, we all know the seasoned angler who swears by a comfy cap or lucky shirt that they won’t fish without.

But we’re forgetting the group whose opinion matters most — the fish, of course! As it turns out, fish respond to different colors above the surface, which can affect your fishing game for better or for worse. Just read on to learn how you can make sure your outfit is geared up for the better!

Subdued, Beachy Tones

Neutral nautical hues (think navy, cream, and your go-to khaki shorts) are popular in many on-the-water locales — as they should be! Keep these handy basics in your closet, because their utility goes way beyond style alone. According to Sport Fishing Magazine, fish can see colors — and the closer they are to the surface, the more closely their vision aligns with ours. So if you’re trying for, say, a monster grouper in Florida’s flats, you’ll want to wear a color that looks like their environment — the blue of the water and sky, for example, or at least a calming neutral that doesn’t stand out too obviously. 

For Your Comfort & Agility...

In addition to dressing with fish-friendly colors in mind, it’s also important to consider your own comfort and agility — because if you can’t move around freely, how can you expect to hold your own against the biggest marlin, tuna, and sailfish the ocean has to offer?

This is where the right gear comes in — and where Blackfin can help! Our performance tees and polos can keep you cool, comfortable, and flexible while working for that big catch.

What Else Can Fish See?

Your clothes aren’t the only thing fish can see about you and your fellow anglers on board! While bait and technique still matter more than anything, here are a few fun considerations to keep in mind if you want to really improve your chances out on the water:

  • Shadows: When fishing in shallow water, your very shadow can give you away! Consider aligning yourself with the sun so that you cast minimal shadows on the H2O (and fish) below.
  • Movement: Take a closer look at the next fish you catch, and you’ll realize — it has panoramic vision! The strategic position of a fish’s eyes allows it to safely navigate its underwater environs, and potential predators. However, this means that fish have an easier time clocking quick, jerky movements than the actual person creating said movement. In other words? Even if you’re sporting bright neon fishing gear, you can still stay relatively incognito on the water by moving slowly and deliberately.

We hope that today’s guide helps you take your fishing (and style) game to the next level! Whatever your unique fashion sensibility may be, the Blackfin gear shop has you covered with the clothes and accessories you need for a successful outing.

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