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Summer Fishing With Your Furry Friend

Summer Fishing With Your Furry Friend

When it comes to fishing friends, there are few better than the loyal pooch: a furry companion who can swim and splash with the best of them, and loves the water just as much as you do!

For many dog breeds, a passion for on-the-water fun (specifically fishing) is pretty much wired into their DNA.

If you plan to bring your dog along for angling fun this summer, here are a few tips to help make the adventure even better! (Starting, of course, with a spacious, beautifully appointed Blackfin that will help you your friends — human and canine alike — feel totally comfortable along the way.)

Know Your Dog

The first step to any great fishing adventure with your pet is simple: know your furry friend! This might involve an awareness of your pet’s breed characteristics — for example, Labrador and golden retrievers are both known for their fishing skills — but also knowing what your specific pet likes and doesn’t like.

For example, if your dog loves fast-paced fun and chasing wildlife around the yard, they might love the chance to try fishing. If your pet enjoys more leisurely pursuits (think snoozing in the light of a good window, or curling up by your side as you work from home), they might prefer kicking back on the boat, stand-up paddle-boarding, or enjoying some laidback frisbee fun!

Either way, expect the unexpected when it comes to fishing with your pet — and don’t worry about trying to show them the ropes. If your dog has a knack for fishing, it will likely come from instinct (case in point: a genius dog who, in a video shared by the American Kennel Club, actually used a piece of bread as bait to catch fish in the water below).

Pick The Perfect Destination

As is the case for fishing with any new friend — whether they stand on two legs or four — you will want to make their first trip out as enjoyable and accommodating as possible. You might prefer the offshore scene, but your new companion may do better in a spot where they can jump in the water (think a sandbar or shallow flats), or relax on the beach for a break from the H2O. If you do take the sandy route, know that your choice of beach matters — there are many pet-friendly beach parks out there (where your pooch can splash and skip around to their heart’s content), but others may cater to a more pedestrian crowd. Reach out to pet parent friends, or consult with a trusted website like Bring Fido where you can find crowd-sourced information on local dog-friendly spaces.

Also, whether your dog is actively fishing or just coming along for the ride, be sure to bring a pet-sized life jacket for your furry friend!

Help Your Pet Stay Hydrated

Another essential safety tip is to bring along plenty of drinking water for your dog. Even the most loving, attentive pet parent can overlook this step — mainly because you’re used to packing a cooler of refreshments, but not necessarily a dog bowl.

You might even find it helpful to keep a few sealed water bottles and spare bowl in your car, so you are always prepared for impromptu on-the-water fun. All the excitement of cruising and fishing can make your pet thirstier than usual, and you’ll be glad you brought along the extra H2O.

Cool Off On Board

In addition to staying hydrated, you will want to create a cool, comfortable place for your dog to relax on board between fishing or swimming sessions. If your dog likes to hang out with you in the cockpit, they’ll appreciate the Blackfin Bimini Top! A bow shade or umbrella might also be a smart addition if your pooch is used to lounging on the couch at home — either way, integrated storage throughout means there will be plenty of room for stowing away Fido’s essentials like spare snacks, beach toys, and more.

Consider A Boat Name Inspired By Your Furry Friend

If your dog loves the water just as much as you do, you might even consider naming your boat after the special boy or girl! Whether you do so by calling your boat something like “Spot,” “Fido,” or “Bella” after your dog, or opt for a pup-inspired saying like “Salty Dog” or “Life’s Not So Ruff,” you’ll be sure to make a splash on the water and show off your pet parent status in style.

With these tips and a trusty companion by your side, the perfect summer fishing trip is right around the corner! Here’s to safe, happy cruising — we can’t wait to see all your photos of Fido on the water.

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