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Ocean of Opportunities: Reel In The Fun With New Year Boat Shows

Ocean of Opportunities: Reel In The Fun With New Year Boat Shows

Another year is finally here! Whether you’re happy about that development or bewildered by the speed of the last 12 months, we’re all on the same page heading into 2024 — which is the perfect time to plan new fishing adventures and explore the latest in boating and fishing gear.

January is buzzing with boat shows across the country, offering a sea of opportunities to see the newest boats, cutting-edge fishing technology, and connect with fellow fishing aficionados. So, why not pay one a visit? Read on as we cast our nets over some of the most exciting January boat shows — ranging from sunny spots you can bring your Blackfin Boat to, to cold destinations you’ll dream about returning to when spring arrives.

New England Boat Show: A Nautical Extravaganza in the Heart of Boston

Reel in fishing fun at the New England Boat Show, where the rich maritime history of the region comes to life. This show is a treasure trove for anglers — featuring the latest fishing boats, tackle, and gear. Attend seminars led by fishing experts, find gear designed for the ultimate fishing experience, and connect with local fishing clubs. Don’t miss the interactive casting pools where you can test your skills and learn new techniques! Winter in Boston may be frosty, but you’ll be well-prepared to hit the water when spring (and the boating season) returns.

Stuart Boat Show: Florida’s Premier Fishing and Boating Destination

Stuart, aptly nicknamed "Sailfish Capital of the World," hosts a boat show that's a dream for serious anglers — and casual boaters who might like to try their hand at the sport, too! The Stuart Boat Show highlights everything you’ll need to hit the water in confident style — from Blackfin Boats that get you closer to splashing adventure, to saltwater fishing gear that helps you navigate the casting deck with ease. You’ll also be able to attend seminars by professional anglers — and get insights into the best fishing spots in Florida. (All worth exploring on your Blackfin, of course!) In our book, it's a fantastic opportunity to gear up for your next big fishing adventure.

Bass & Saltwater Fishing Expo: The Ultimate Haven for Freshwater and Saltwater Anglers

If you’re passionate about bass or saltwater fishing, this expo is your paradise. Packed with vendors showcasing the latest in fishing tackle, electronics, and boats specifically designed for fishing like Blackfin’s fleet, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your angling needs. Highlights include casting demonstrations, educational seminars, and meet-and-greets with fishing celebrities. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this expo has something to hook everyone!

Hartford Boat Show: A Fresh Take on Fishing in the Northeast

The Hartford Boat Show is where the fishing community of the Northeast gathers to celebrate their passion. This show emphasizes family-friendly fishing — and showcases interactive fishing simulators, kid-friendly activities, and expert-led fishing seminars make this show a great outing for the entire crew.

Progressive Cleveland Boat Show: Where Lake Fishing Meets Innovation

Nestled amongst the Great Lakes, the Progressive Cleveland Boat Show is a must-visit for those interested in lake fishing — and beyond. We’ll be there with the latest lineup of Blackfin Boats, which will get you through everything from Great Lakes angling to offshore adventures. You can also look forward to fishing workshops and demos for boosting your skills ahead of your return to the water.

We get it — a long winter can make you feel distanced from thrills of the sea. But these lively boat shows prove that you’re never that far away from a fellow boater or avid angler!

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