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Celebrating National Go Fishing Day With Blackfin Boats!

Celebrating National Go Fishing Day With Blackfin Boats!

Even though you certainly don’t need a special day to encourage you to go fishing — balmy summer weather and the thrill of hungry sportfish give us plenty of reason to hit the water — it is nice to have the reminder anyway.

On that note, if you haven’t already returned to the water after winter, the June 18 holiday begins the perfect time for you to bring out your Blackfin fishing boat for an angling adventure! From your captain’s seat or casting deck, a world of fun awaits. Just read on as we share a few meaningful ways to launch your boating summer. No matter what you choose, you’ll be getting your summer off to a splashing start.

Cast Your Line Somewhere New

There’s a reason our go-to fishing spots become our go-to fishing spots — whether you love the comfort of a familiar environment, or simply know that’s where the biggest fish are biting! But just like New Year’s is a holiday that’s all about starting fresh and trying something new, National Go Fishing Day can serve the same purpose for anglers who find themselves in a fun but familiar routine they’d like to switch up.

Try A Different Strategy

Speaking of switching things up, why not try a new strategy? Go trolling for a monster sportfish, or embrace some good-old-fashioned fly fishing. Whatever you do, you’ll be giving your mind and body the chance to gain some new perspective on the water. And, well, that’s always something to feel good about.

Test Out Your Tackle

If you received new gear or tackle over the holidays, now is the time to put it to the test! Summer is fully settling in, so there’s no reason to save your new toys for a special occasion — this is that occasion!

Re-Stock Your Ride

Speaking of gear, now is also a handy time to check on other assorted on-board inventory. Do you have spare towels stocked up in your Blackfin’s storage space? How about safety gear like personal floatation devices and spare lights? These measures will certainly help you be prepared for whatever the water has to bring on your next outing.

Get Connected

Yes, social media can be a powerful tool for anglers! Whether you share a meaningful fishing trip, post a skill hack you’re proud of, or simply connect with a loved one over video chat to go over your respective angling adventures, your smartphone can take your summer of fishing fun to the next level.

Listen To Music To Get In The Zone

If you don’t already have a fishing playlist that gets you pumped (or, conversely, helps you zone out for some focused fishing) now is the time to put one together.

Enter A Tournament Near You

There’s no shortage of ways to embrace some healthy competition in the fishing world! In-person and virtual tournaments help you put your fishing skills to the test in a new way, giving you a goal to work toward on the water.

Have A Fishing Picnic On Your Blackfin Boat

Need something a little more laidback? Your Blackfin Boat is built for that, too, featuring plenty of room and on-board seating for a relaxing picnic — either as fuel for the remainder of your day on the water, or celebration of a rewarding (and productive) session!

Tell Your Best Fishing Stories

Who says you need to save your best tales (tall or totally true) for around a campfire? A storytelling session on your Blackfin Boat is a great way to bring your crew together and share tips, tricks, or simply fun memories from your years on the water.

Let Your Young Angler Get Involved

If you have a little one in your family, today is a great time to help them get involved with the fishing fun! Even if they may not be old enough to reel in a monster marlin yet, they can certainly practice the basics like proper stance, the meaning of catch-and-release fishing, and much more.

Bring A New Friend

If you know a neighbor, friend, or loved one who’s never been fishing — or perhaps they love fishing, but don’t have a boat of their own — we can’t think of a more meaningful gesture than inviting them out for a day of on-the-water thrills.

Build Your Boat

If today’s ideas have you wishing for a Blackfin Boat of your own, perhaps it's time to build your dream ride! Our online Build Your Boat feature gives you a fun, easily customizable way to experiment with different colors and features you want on your family fishing boat.

Be sure to share your angling adventure with us on social media! We can’t wait to see where your Blackfin Boat takes you, this summer and all year long.

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