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Why We Love Winter Surf Fishing

Why We Love Winter Surf Fishing

All seasoned boaters know the inevitable necessity of winterizing your ride — that is, when freezing weather arrives, it’s time to safely store your boat away until balmy temps are back again. Winterizing is an essential step in keeping both inshore and offshore fishing boats operating their best for years to come. However, just because you’ve winterized your ride, doesn’t mean you have to give up fishing for the season altogether! You may just need to switch things up — like, say, with some winter surf fishing.

Just read on as we explore why, exactly, surf fishing is such a fun sport to pick up this winter — and how you can start doing it this weekend!

Where Do Fish Go In The Winter?

Yes, fish (like many of us landlubbers!) tend to prefer warmer weather — and swim south for the winter, when possible. However, that doesn’t mean the fish from your local oceanfront disappear during this time of year. Many anglers have success fishing certain species, despite the cold. For example, according to On the Water, small striped bass are one catch you may be able to fish off the coast of New Jersey during winter.

Sheepshead and snapper are a few other species you may have luck with at this time of year, depending on where you live.

Tips For A Reel-y Good Time

The key is to think like a cold fish — which, yes, sounds a little crazy. But really: if you were a fish looking to stay warm on a cold winter’s day, where would you go? Probably somewhere protected from the wind, which can quickly make cold water feel really cold. Shallow areas where the water isn’t moving too much are also a safe bet.

Don’t forget to put weather on your side! Though it’s generally accepted among anglers that the early bird does, in fact, get the worm, this doesn’t necessarily apply during the winter months. If fish are to be found, it will probably be during the warmer parts of the day — think, mid to late afternoon.

A Frosty Alternative

So, why go surf fishing in the winter, anyway? Even if the bites aren’t particularly great, it’s more about the thrill of getting in some reel time when the rest of the world isn’t. If you’ve been meaning to try surf fishing one of these days, but find a crowded beach daunting, you’ll be pleased to see quieter shores for the next few months — perfect for practice, practice, practice.

At Blackfin, we firmly believe that every kind of fishing makes you an overall better angler. In other words, every time you cast your line on the beach, you’re building muscles (physical and figurative) that can support spring and summer sportfishing miles offshore!

Of course, you’ll want to gear up for the brisk reality of winter surf fishing. That means dressing in layers and slathering on the sunscreen, because those rays are still strong — even if they don’t feel like it. Finally, throw on a pair of polarized shades that will help you spot fish hanging out in the shallows, no matter how strong the sun’s glare may be.

A Year-Round Pastime

With these tips, some patience, and your warmest winter gear, you can have endless fun surf fishing! But remember — while surf fishing is certainly a fun way to mix up your winter routine, you don’t have to leave it behind once warmer weather rolls in. In fact, surf fishing can be a fun complement to your Blackfin adventures! When you cruise to a new island or sleepy beach hideaway, you’ll be able to flaunt your surf fishing skills during breaks from the offshore fun.

More ways to fish means more fish to catch — which is what we’re all after as anglers, anyway!

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