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Top 5 Saltwater Fish For the Brave December Fisherman

Just because it is getting cold out doesn’t mean it is time to store away your boat for the winter!

Winter is a great time for fishing. Here at Blackfin Boats, we create boats that can withstand that craziest of conditions. We want you to be able to enjoy fishing no matter what time of the year it is. That is exactly why we wanted to share with you our top 5 favorite saltwater fish that you can catch in December, and throughout the winter months.

1.     Redfish

If you’ve ever spent time fishing in the southeastern side of the United States during the winter, you’ve probably heard of redfish. They are one of the most popular fish in the world of saltwater game fishing. They also happen to be the official saltwater species of the state of North Carolina. The best thing about Redfish is that they remain active throughout the winter. You can find them in shallow flats when the sun comes up.

2.     Sheepshead

There are many fish that don’t like to show their faces during the winter months, though for Sheepshead, winter is like vacation time. This is because Sheepshead love to feed off of shrimp and crabs. The thing is, their method of chewing is similar to that of humans (a bit spooky if you ask us), which is what makes them a bit harder to catch. With that said, you’ll find hoards of them during the winter, so make it your goal to go out and get one!

3.     Bonefish

Bonefish just so happen to be one of the most prized fish around, as their skittish personalities make them very difficult to catch. Throughout the early fall and into the winter, they are the perfect game fish. You can expect to catch them with some good crab or shrimp, though make sure to stay stealthy while you’re at it.

4.     Snapper

If you have a smaller vessel that you want to take out, Snappers are great! You can find them by heading into shallow spots closer to shore. Snappers love to move out of deeper waters and into inshore areas, as they are much warmer in the winter. They also have far more access to food. Move your way near wrecks, reefs, or other sea structures to find them!

5.     Striped Bass

The Striped Bass are the kings of the bass kingdom. They can be found in Virginia during the winter, though you must be prepared for a tough battle. Striped Bass can be found in southern regions during the winter, as they love to make their way down from the northern part of the country looking for warmth and food.

Winter Is For Fishing, Not For Boat Storage

We hope that you get the chance to go fishing aboard your Blackfin Boat this winter. It’d be a shame to waste the season, as there are so many great fish to catch! Make sure to check out some of our new fishing models if you’re looking for a sweet, new vessel to take out this season.

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