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Why We Love Fishing the Flats

Why We Love Fishing the Flats

Beautiful scenery. A peaceful environment. Big-time fishing fun. There are countless reasons to enjoy fishing on the flats this summer—those serene stretches of shallow water that feel as though you’ve stumbled upon your own tropical paradise—but today, we’re sharing just a few of our favorites. Take a look.

A serene angling experience

Fishing is an escape from the everyday—and flats fishing, especially, lets you find total solace in the still, sparkling shallow water. Surrounded by lush mangroves or tree-lined shores, these landscapes are perfect for quiet contemplation or leisurely fishing excursions—especially the kind when you’re focused less on the catch at hand, and more on the simple pleasure of soaking up the sun and sea breeze.

Connection with nature (and the fish who call it home)

Of course, that is not to say that the flats are without fish! Quite the contrary, in fact. These shallow-water environments (from Biscayne Bay or the Florida Keys in the Sunshine State, to San Diego Bay in California) often boast some of the most beautiful, photo-worthy catches—think brilliant bonefish, snook and tarpon so big you’ll need a friend to help you hold your catch. For anglers who want to connect with nature and the marine environment on a new level, the flats are perfect because they beckon you to get closer to the surface and the fish alike.

Another great aspect of fishing the flats is that it encourages you to use your senses in a new, exciting way. This environment relies heavily upon a fine-tuned ear and a sharp eye to sense movement just below the surface, so be sure to throw on a pair of polarized shades to reduce glare and scope out the H2O. (And as always, sunscreen is your friend! As the shimmering surface reflects plenty of rays, a hat, sunscreen and even a lightweight swim shirt can make all the difference.)

Splashing fun

Fishing the flats is especially perfect for those anglers who love to have a splashing time (literally) on the water. The ones who like to cap off a great day of fishing with a refreshing swim or cannonball. The thrill and allure of the offshore scene can be appreciated by anglers of all sorts, but the cool, refreshing H2O can be too tempting for those who want to jump right in. Fortunately, with flats fishing, you don’t need to resist the temptation—in fact, it is encouraged, as some of the best catches happen when you hop off board, wade around in knee-deep water and loosen up your technique for serious success!

Not to mention, the flats pair perfectly with so many of our favorite on-the-water activities. Be sure to bring along a paddleboard, kayak or even your snorkeling gear for an impromptu exploration of the sparkling shallow-water landscape.

Whether you’re in need of a tranquil escape or thrilling day of fishing, the flats have you covered—and fortunately, these stretches of shallow water can be found in warm, sunny climates across the globe! Explore them all, one by one, with the help of your Blackfin and some quality company.

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