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Blackfin Boats’ Top 5 West Coast Fishing Destinations

Are you heading out to the west coast this summer in search of a memorable fishing experience?

Well lucky for you, the west coast has no shortage of fishing hotspots that are sprinkled along the beautiful Pacific coastline. From the tip of Washington all the way down to the southern end of California, here are the top 5 west coast destinations to take your Blackfin Boat for some good fishing.

1.     San Francisco

You might be surprised as to how many kinds of angling you can find around the Bay Area. Many anglers like to make their way down near the Golden Gate Bridge, as here they can find a variety of fish, including albacore, rockfish, and chinook. Move even further out into the Bay and you can find halibut, sturgeon, and even a variety of striped bass.

If you decide to take your boat inland to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, you’ll be able to find a huge amount of stripers and largemouth bass, as well as other smaller fish.

2.     San Diego

The entire coast of San Diego is filled with great spots with sportfishing. You’ll be able to catch just about anything from giant tuna to seabass. Many long-range fleets that run from the Mexican coastline use San Diego as their port-of-call. You can expect to find a wide variety of fish in this area, including dorado, albacore, cow yellowfin, yellowtail, marlin, barracuda, bonito, rockfish, and much, much more.

3.     Los Angeles

Los Angeles is very similar to San Diego in that there are many different places to fish. Stand on the shoreline throughout different docks in the city and you can expect to find yellowfin tuna, bluefin, albacore, dorado, and more, though most people like to take their boats near Newport Harbor where they can find halibut, sand bass, and croaker.

You may even want to take your boat inland to Castaic Lake for some massive largemouth bass!

4.     Portland / Tillamook Bay

While many Portland locals will go along the Columbia and Willamette rivers for some good fishing in the city, many serious anglers head out to Tillamook Bay to find larger catches. Go out during the summer and you can get access to some promising steelhead and salmon fishing.

5.     Seattle

Seattle has proximity to both freshwater and saltwater, making it a versatile fishing spot. Go to the western edge near Puget Sound or Elliot Bay, and you can expect to find rockfish, halibut, pink, chum, king salmon, and more. Hit Lake Washington on the east side and you’ll likely be able to find yellow perch, cutthroat trout, and smallmouth bass.

Go Fishing With a Blackfin Boat!

No matter which of these best fishing spots in the west coast you end up this summer, we hope that you decide to ride out on a Blackfin Boat. Make sure to get in contact with us so that we can show you what the Blackfin difference is all about. We wish you safe passage on all your fishing adventures this summer!


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