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This Winter, Fish Like a Narwhal

This Winter, Fish Like a Narwhal

Of all marine mammals, the mystical narwhal is one that lives closest to the North Pole - but it's not a make-believe creature, nor does it only hang around during the holidays! While you may not be able to spot this one-of-a-kind creature in person (as it lives far, far north of what anyone would call "comfortable cruising weather"), you can still take a page out of the narwhal's book when it comes to fishing. Just read on to learn more about this truly unique "angler."

What do narwhals eat?

Unlike the voracious eaters its marine mammal "cousins" tend to be, narwhals have a more limited diet thanks to their harsh Arctic surroundings - but they do have a few favorites, including Greenland halibut (large, predatory fish that can weigh as much as 100 pounds), cod, shrimp and squid!

About that tooth...

Though the male narwhal's signature, sword-like tooth (a.k.a. tusk or unicorn "horn") make look like a spear, the narwhal does not actually use its tooth to puncture prey. Rather, scientists believe the complex nerve system in the narwhal's tooth may be used to navigate its environment and detect certain conditions that might be conducive to fish nearby - just like you use your fishing map and conditions on the water to decide where to cast your line! In this way, human anglers and narwhals aren't so different.

Though you might not have access to the specific types of fish that flourish in cold Arctic waters, you can still fish for a narwhal-inspired menu by catching cod closer to home. In the winter months, New England residents can even jig for it from the comfort of shore, but you can also hop aboard your Blackfin for a better vantage point of the H2O - though narwhals dig in raw, you might prefer yours breaded and baked to crisp, golden perfection.

You can also enjoy a vibrant shrimp ceviche for another loosely inspired spin on the narwhal diet, a no-fuss meal you can savor from your Blackfin or right at home as you peruse more fun facts about this one-of-a-kind creature.

We hope that you enjoy an angling adventure inspired by the mystical narwhal! Wherever the fishing fun takes you, your Blackfin is there to help you experience it all in comfort and style.

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