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Do Fish Like Holiday Lights?

Do Fish Like Holiday Lights?

‘Tis (almost) the season to deck out your home in warm, twinkling holiday lights! And if you’re a Blackfin boater, that sense of “home” extends to the water, too — so you might even be considering hanging up a string or two from your ride.

However, you may be wondering: from a strategic perspective, is it a good idea to suspend holiday lights from center console fishing boats like your Blackfin? As it turns out, fish may have a preference when it comes to lights from above the surface.

Read on to learn more about how potential catches react to that warm, wintery glow — and how to safely prep your ride for fun, festive cruising!

A Competitive Advantage

If you do any amount of fishing at dusk (which is getting less and less avoidable, now that Daylight Saving Time is over for the year) you’ve likely wondered about on-board lighting before. Specifically, is it helping or hindering your ability to land a solid catch?

Yes and no! For starters, you definitely need some on-board lighting to safely navigate your deck. This is where your Blackfin’s built-in lighting (from your baitwell, to the storage in your bow, and beyond) can come in handy.

Accessory lighting like head lamps can be helpful, too, but you’ll want to avoid directing them right at the water — because fish can, indeed, see above the surface, and you don’t want to give your position away!

Underwater lighting is a different story, though. In fact, you’ll definitely want to make use of some underwater ambiance to make it easier for fish to notice your bait! You can add this as a handy, built-in option to your Blackfin while you’re building your custom ride. Of course, lights can also be added to your current boat after the fact, too.

Deck Out Your Ride

While it’s best for your fishing odds not to shine bright, warm lamps directly in the water, you definitely have options when it comes to adding a subtle, spirited glow to your space! We particularly love battery-powered, outdoor-friendly string lights that can simply be wrapped around various on-board surfaces — and easily changed or removed as needed. You can even opt for red lights to be easier on your eyes. Plus, they match the holiday theme!

(Of course, these tiny, twinkling lights don’t emit too much shine, so you don’t need to worry too much about them affecting your field of vision either way.)

Once your Blackfin is decked out for the festive season ahead, you can have fun cruising around your nearest waterfront if you live somewhere warm — or even enter your local holiday boat parade.

In the Sunshine State (one of the only places you can comfortable fish at this time of year), you should definitely indulge in some dusk fishing for snook, which like to dwell near piers and other shallow nooks. Pompano, red drum, and tarpon also abound!

We hope that today’s guide helps you add some holiday spirit to your Blackfin boating routine. The bottom line? Your boat is your second home, your oasis from the hustle and bustle of life on land — decorate it with all the cheer and flair you fancy!

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