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Easter-Inspired Fishing Tackle For A Splashing Spring Trip

Easter-Inspired Fishing Tackle For A Splashing Spring Trip

Hoppy Easter! The cheery spring holiday is right around the corner. And as is the case with most special occasions, there’s no better way to celebrate than aboard your Blackfin Boat — preferably with some delicious holiday eats.

If you’re lucky enough to live by warm waters, an early spring fishing trip is a great way to usher in the season — invite the family, sport a crisp pastel polo, and savor the sights and sounds of an aquatic world that’s warming back to life. But the symbols of spring don’t just have aesthetic appeal! They can actually inform your fishing tackle and strategy, too.

Wondering how that’s possible? It makes more sense than you might think! Just read on as we share a few simple ways to Easter flair into your fishing trip so you can reel in your best catch yet — or, at the very least, have a whole lot of fun trying.

Egg Lures

Did you know that lures shaped like eggs actually make fantastic bait for certain freshwater fish? OK, technically, these lures don’t look like Easter eggs in the traditional sense we’re used to seeing stacked in a bright basket. Rather, these handy little lures emulate the shape of salmon eggs — which are a popular snack for trout, steelhead, and, perplexingly, salmon itself. If you’re fishing for one of these species at your favorite lake this spring — or just want to mix up your strategy and try something new to boost your odds — you’ll definitely want to bring some of these powerful, oddly shaped egg lures along for the ride!

Fluffy-Tail Jigs

The familiar Easter Bunny is known for its iconic ears and matching fluffy tail — the latter of which isn’t too different from several jigs with a fluffy, movable body that moves up and down in the water. It’s clear to see the appeal from a fish’s perspective, as the “tail” drums up visual interest while not looking too out of place in its aquatic environment.

As it turns out, there’s more than one reason to use a bunny-inspired lure at this time of year. Yes, there’s the holiday connection — but spring fish also respond really well to movement! When the water is still fairly cool, fish won’t be moving their quickest, so it will take something with weight to meet them where they are and, hopefully, make a connection.

Perfect Pastels

Color counts when you’re choosing fish tackle — and as it turns out, springtime pastels certainly have a place in your angling arsenal! Try using bright colors like pink and red when you’re fishing in shallower areas — as this is where they’re most visible due to the way light passes through the water. On the other hand, if you have blue lures the color of a classic Easter robin’s egg, that should be visible at much deeper levels.

Color is just one of many factors to consider when it comes to choosing fishing tackle, of course — but if you want to add some festive flair to your tackle box, now you know there’s time and place for every color under the rainbow!  

DIY Tackle

For creative kids (and kids-at-heart), the best part of the Easter holiday might be dipping hard-boiled eggs in vibrant dyes — creating fun, swirly, one-of-a-kind patterns they can’t wait to show off! Did you know you can take a similar approach to decorating your own tackle? If you’re really into all things DIY, you can try shaping and painting your own lures using non-toxic paint. However, there are also fun, crafty kits you can purchase to customize your own lures for use on the water!

Any way you go about it, getting fishing pals together to make their own tackle is sure to emulate the community thrill of painting Easter eggs as kids. Plus, for a dose of friendly competition, you can have fun keeping track of whose creations fare better with hungry fish.

Bonus: For Easter-Inspired Fishing Strategy...

Now that we’ve “tackled” some of the ins and outs of spring-themed fishing gear, why not inform your fishing strategy based on a classic holiday competition? Hear us out: The same skills that made you a pro at Easter egg hunts will serve you well on the water, too.

Just close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you’re back at a childhood Easter egg hunt. You have a serious craving for candy (who doesn’t?) and want to fill up your basket to the best of your egg-hunting ability. If you’re strategically inclined, you might notice crowds of fellow hunters hurrying over to one specific patch of the lawn or field. You know this means there are probably plenty of eggs in store there — but you also know that by the time you get to the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the majority of the eggs will be picked over. So you concentrate your efforts on the lesser-known spots your peers probably aren’t looking. And, voila, you end up with a pretty impressive haul of colorful eggs ­— and, most importantly, all the sweets inside.

The same concept applies to fishing! It’s oh so tempting to frequent your tried-and-true local hot spots because, well, you know there’s a fair shot at success there. But often, it’s more rewarding to venture off the beaten path and fish quieter corners of your favorite lake, river, or oceanfront flats to tap into the hungry fish there.

Like an Easter egg hunt, the obvious hiding spots — or in this case, fishing spots — probably won’t let you down, when you look at your overall success record. But they’re a clever distraction from other harder-to-find (and more fun-to-fish) spots scattered across the horizon.

Sunny skies, warming weather, and the company of your best fishing mates? There’s a lot to celebrate this season, and no better place than your Blackfin Boat! We hope today’s guide helps you embrace strategies that are fun for Easter — but will give you an edge all year long.

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