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Arts & Angling On Austin’s Lake Travis

Arts & Angling On Austin’s Lake Travis

Austin, Texas is a city of many faces — it’s the capital of the Lone Star State and a center of history, a growing player in the technology sphere, a haven for artists and musicians of all kinds.

But if you’re a Blackfin Boater, you probably know Austin as an unsung gem for Southern Plains cruising — a region that’s teeming with different fish and equally varied bodies of water to fish them. The greater Austin area is home to winding rivers and expansive, painted lakes that perfectly reflect the springtime sunsets this time of year is known for. Of course, if you’re in the area, your attention will probably be turned to the water itself — because there’s a lot going on beneath the surface!

If you’re looking for a new spot to explore this spring or summer, you’ll want to be sure to put Austin on your list! Read on as we take a virtual tour of this arts and angling paradise, and share some of the best ways to explore it from your Blackfin Boat.

Lake Travis

The main attraction of interest for most Austinite anglers is undoubtedly going to be Lake Travis. What makes this reservoir so unique is its winding shape — where in lieu of a large central channel, you’ll find a long shape that twists in and around itself many times. The result is nearly 300 miles of shoreline to explore, perfect for leisurely cruising as well as a medley of fishing structures to choose from. Not having luck in one area? There’s countless more to try!

Plus, the lush, rolling landscape that surrounds Lake Travis — part of the aptly named “Highland Lakes — lends an almost Caribbean feel to the waterway, creating a truly breathtaking vista to enjoy on your fishing day.

Speaking of which, what’s biting at this time of year? You can look forward to sunfish, catfish, and a wide variety of bass — predominantly largemouth, white, striped, and Guadalupe. Texas Parks and Wildlife has even put together a handy guide for tips on how to target each species — recommending that largemouth anglers focus their efforts at this time of year, using lures such as topwater baits and suspended jerk baits.

If it’s catfish you’re after, on the other hand, save your live bait for the large flatheads, TPWD recommends — leaving stinkbait and cutbait for blue and channel catfish. And finally, for white bass, spring boaters will want to head up Lake Travis’ myriad creeks (check out a map; there are a lot!) until these coveted fish swim into the main body of the lake early this summer.

These, of course, are just a few of the species and strategies you’ll want to know for fishing Lake Travis. We highly recommend stopping by and discovering the ins and outs for yourself! Every Austin angler has to go through the trial-and-error process when it comes to fishing and cruising — and if you do, too, you’ll be operating like a local in no time.

And of course, even when you’re done fishing for the day, the winding shores of Lake Travis make for smooth but engaged boat maneuvering — perfect for boaters who enjoy the precision of careful cornering, each deft turn revealing a new corner of Texas treasure.

Lake LBJ

Keep cruising along the Colorado River and you’ll find another worthy stop at Lake Lyndon B. Johnson — aka Lake LBJ. Like its fellow Colorado River lake, you can look forward to quite the selection of catfish, white bass, largemouth bass, and sunfish. But LBJ also sports an impressive amount of crappie, if that’s more your style! According to TPWD, docks and other forms of cover are a great option for seeking out crappie.

Speaking of which, there’s lots of structural fun going on at Lake LBJ — in the form of docks, bulkheads, boat houses, and rocks. As experienced anglers know well like the back of their hand — er, reel — these flourishes of shelter are often the very best place to find (and catch!) hungry fish, so you definitely shouldn’t overlook them during your LBJ adventure.

Lake Buchanan

Another destination of choice for Austin-based anglers is Lake Buchanan. While it’s a little more out of the way than its fellow fishing holes, the extra time in getting there pays off — rewarding travelers with a serene atmosphere and ample surface area for spreading out and staking your spot on the water. Look forward to a particularly excellent catfish and crappie scene, according to TPWD — adding that local birds can be a great sign of fish (particularly stripers and white bass) hanging out beneath the surface of the water.

Between Boat Days

Austin is a truly one-of-a-kind artistic enclave, so you’ll also want to devote some spare time to exploring the town’s cultural offerings between your sun-soaked boating and fishing days!

For example, the Texas Maritime Museum explores the Lone Star coast’s unsung role in the development of a growing America. There are also various art museums, and one research center dedicated entirely to the conservation of native plants!

Another treat for those who love both art and aquatics to the fullest? That would be “Monochrome for Austin,” a spellbinding sculpture made from recycled aluminum canoes and small boats — whose precarious balance seems to defy gravity as we know it.

Perhaps the best way to experience the fusion of Austin arts and culture in one delicious bite is to have lunch at a waterfront café — preferably where you can sway along to some of the live music that Austin is so well-known for! Whether it’s Tex-Mex or fresh seafood, this fun-filled meal will provide the perfect break from boating fun and show you a side of Texas you might not have experienced before.

We hope you’ve truly enjoyed today’s virtual tour of Texas’ inland fishing scene! As you can clearly see, your Blackfin Boat provides a handy front-row ticket to the thrills of spring boating and fishing — like the kind you’re sure to find at Lake Travis and the surrounding area! From our family to yours, here’s to a splashing season on the water.

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