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It’s Permit Season At The SoFlo Boat Show

It’s Permit Season At The SoFlo Boat Show

One of the great things about living in South Florida as a boater — or making frequent trips down to the sunniest patch of the Sunshine State — is that you essentially have access to amazing angling all year long. Even when you have to slip into a light sweater or swap your sandals for close-toed boat shoes, the fish are still biting in steamy 80s or mild, refreshing 50s.

With all that being said, there is something especially fun about the springtime — a delightful transitional period that sits between tourism peaks and provides endless on-the-water activities to get involved with! It just so happens that one of them, the SoFlo Boat Show, is right around the corner.

The fun kicks off on May 17th, when the Miami Marine Stadium is all set to come alive with new fishing boat models to browse, fun angling seminars, and so much more. But of course, the thrills don’t have to stop there. Show weekend can be the very start of a truly rewarding angling expedition — especially if you’re looking to catch some permit, a popular local fish that is especially abundant from May through July!

Just read on as we share a few boat show highlights, as well as tips for catching permit from the comfort and convenience of your Blackfin Boat.

Exploring The 2024 Show

You might be feeling pretty eager to hit the water for permit and other hungry catches — and, well, who could blame you? But of course, you’ll want to stop by the SoFlo Boat Show first. After all, it can’t hurt to hone your angling skills before casting your line — and that’s exactly what this year’s show gives you the chance to do, by way of the interactive Fishing Fun Zone. This attraction features a fishing simulator, casting pool, and educational opportunities that will help newer anglers improve their craft. So even if you’ve been feeling rusty coming out of the winter months, you won’t be for long!

You can also check out the nautical marketplace at this year’s show for any fishing gear, accessories, or water gadgets that have been on your list. Then, of course, there are the boats themselves. If you’re thinking of browsing the best fishing boats, Blackfin is always going to be your go-to! And then of course, when it’s time to relax and recharge after a busy day, the SoFlo Boat Show’s VIP Experience has you covered.

A Splashing Start To Permit Season

Even after you’ve had your fill of boat show fun, you won’t want to head back home just yet. After all, Miami’s angling scene awaits — and permit, in particular, is biting away!

To take full advantage of permit season, you can start by learning more about this one-of-a-kind fish. Surprisingly, its name has nothing to do with fishing permits you get to fish a particular area — rather, it’s believed to come from a Spanish term for “young tuna,” though the permit isn’t really a tuna at all. However, it does attract many of the same anglers who love fishing for tuna because it is a powerful fighter as well!

The slim shape of the permit gives it an easy way to evade predators (and anglers) who are scanning the horizon for a meal — but once you catch a flash of its pearly body, you’ll know you have stumbled upon one of the Sunshine State’s most popular catches.

Where To Cast Your Line

Sight fishing South Florida’s flats is a surefire way to boost your chances of reeling in a permit. According to Visit Florida, the fish is rightfully considered part of the state’s “big three” of fly fishing (along with other beloved species, tarpon and bonefish). This should give you a rough idea of where and how to target permit — which can often be found hanging out in inshore holes, sand and grass flats, and similar shallow environments.

Eyes on the prize? According to Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state record was a 56-lb. whopper caught near Fort Lauderdale — so the shores of Southeast Florida are definitely a lucrative place to be for this popular fish, in particular. Of course, you don’t need to break a record (even your own personal record) in order to have a thrilling day trying for permit off Miami’s shimmering shoreline.

Tips For Landing The Catch

Now, let’s talk logistics. Crabs, clams, and shrimp are go-to choices for landing permit — but artificial lures work as well! You might want to opt for fly fishing or bottom bouncing, depending on the environment you find yourself in. As always, consult with local regulations before you cast your line so you know how many permit you are permit-ted (excuse the pun) to reel in, what sizes, and other potential restrictions that might be in place to protect the fish and the local environment.

We hope that today’s guide helps you make the most of your weekend at the SoFlo Boat Show — and, hopefully, reel in a stunning permit or two along the way! The fish’s unique, iridescent body and elusive fighting style makes it a fun one to put on your must-catch list, especially as we cruise into the spring and summer months.

Of course, a Blackfin Boat helps you get closer to the fishing action — so if you don’t already have one to call your own, or are thinking about leveling up to a bigger ride, be sure to browse the myriad of options at the SoFlo Boat Show, or play around with our Build Your Boat tool online! Either way, one thing’s for sure: This is where your new era of angling begins.

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