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Fishing Bay Harbor, Blackfin Style

Fishing Bay Harbor, Blackfin Style

Now that summer is finally here, there’s endless angling fun to be had on your Blackfin fishing boat! So... where will you go first?

For our money, you can never go wrong with a classic trip to the Great Lakes — specifically Lake Michigan, whose 1,600-plus miles of shoreline play host to some seriously charming fishing towns, aquatic islands, and events you won’t want to miss. Case in point? The Bay Harbor In-Water Boat Show, which kicks off on June 14!

Now in its 22nd year, the beloved boat show is the perfect place to browse Blackfin’s latest lineup and gear up for the season ahead. Once you’ve done that, of course, you’ll want to stick around to discover some of Bay Harbor’s exceptional angling opportunities! Just keep reading as we take a virtual tour of the show’s charming location — and what’s likely to be biting at this time of year, too.

Get To Know The Lay Of The Land... Er, Water

First things first — let’s explore Bay Harbor! Because when it comes to Great Lakes locales, this one is pretty special.

The charming district overlooks Little Traverse Bay, which is an enclave of the greater Grand Traverse Bay. It’s a smaller community that closely resembles a classic fishing village — making it a more accessible angling adventure for those who want to explore Lake Michigan but aren’t quite sure where to start. After all, Lake Michigan boasts more than 1,600 miles of shoreline. There are lots of options! It’s nice to start somewhere friendly, fun, and (as we’ll see in just a bit) positively teeming with all the fish at the top of your to-catch list.

Of course, with all that being said, this spot is not just for beginners. In fact, over the years, Bay Harbor and Little Traverse Bay have developed a loyal community of anglers — family anglers and serious sportsters alike — who flock to its waters in their blue, Caribbean-esque glory year after year in order to indulge in some serious summer fishing.

And while you can fill more than a weekend’s worth of fishing fun in Little Traverse Bay, you can also use this Lake Michigan neighborhood as a starting-off point to an even bigger trip — one that spans from Grand Traverse Bay, the islands of Lake Michigan, and much more!

So, when you’re in town, what can you expect to see at the other end of your line? Blackfin Boaters will want to look out for species such as...


A classic freshwater favorite, bass abounds here on Lake Michigan! Specifically, Sportfishing Magazine notes that there are plentiful smallmouth bass numbers in late spring, summer, and early fall — making now the heart of the season for visiting anglers.


According to Traverse City’s website, you can likely count on plenty of trout during your visit to this nook of Lake Michigan — think lake trout, brown trout, and steelhead (aka rainbow) trout. Wondering how to approach the hungry fish? The professionals recommend jigging for this popular catch.


Hot, late summer is salmon time! In fact, chinook and coho opportunities should linger well into the early days of fall — giving anglers a meaningful reason to stick around and extend their summer vacation, in our humble opinion. You’ll also want to check out the Boardman River for more salmon fishing opportunities beyond the bay itself.

Yellow Perch

‘Tis the season for yellow perch on Grand Traverse Bay, too! This is quite the popular catch for Michigan anglers — in fact, they’re the most commonly caught game fish in the entire state, according to Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources. At this time of year, the site notes that they’re most likely to snack during the morning and evening — so you can save the middle of your day for other catches.


Another popular pick is always going to be walleye, which abounds at this time of year. As is always the case, check up on local guidelines and regulations so you’re in-the-know about any applicable limits, size restrictions, and other tips for your weekend of angling fun.

Well, there you have it! Here's to a thrilling summer of fishing fun and special memories made on your Blackfin Boat. From Bay Harbor and beyond, it’s sure to be an unforgettable season.

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