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A History Of Fishing With Cats On The Water

A History Of Fishing With Cats On The Water

Blackfin fishing boats provide the quintessential home-away-from-home experience on the water — the perfect place for the whole family to gather and enjoy the simple pleasure of cruising, fishing, and feeling the breeze. But when you think of bringing the entire crew on board, does your cat make the list?

The answer will be different for every boater — but in many cases, Whiskers may prefer to skip the trip and relax at home! You may be wondering: have cats always been this finnicky around water? And if they hate the H2O so much, why do they love fish? Just read on to learn more about these questions, as well as cats’ place in fishing history!

A Trusty Shipmate

According to The Washington Post, cats have long been accompanying humans on the water — for about as far back as history can show us, in fact. While they surely served the companion role, they also helped keep ships running smoothly by keeping mice at bay, as they did for the Ancient Egyptians. A cat named Simon also did so for the HMS Amethyst when it was marooned in mud for a whopping 10 weeks back in 1949. According to The Post, Simon earned a medal of bravery for his rat-fighting skills.

The paper adds that black cats were believed by British and Irish sailors to bring good luck and safe travels — another win! So even if these cats weren’t fishing, per se, they were definitely up for the journey.

Do Cats Like Fishing Today?

It’s a commonly accepted fact that cats love fish. Fish-ing? Well, maybe not so much. According to Rover, part of why cats are so crazy about fish is that they’re “opportunistic feeders.” So when you break out the tuna or some fresh, grilled salmon, it’s no wonder why your cat wants a bite — or, more likely, the whole plate. (Fish can actually be great for cats, but just be aware of possible allergens and always check with a vet if you’re in doubt!)

If your cat loves exploring the blue horizon with you, that’s great! However, don’t feel bad if yours prefers the comfort of land — because you’re definitely not alone on that front. According to Britannica, domestic cats’ fur gets heavy when wet, and it takes a while to dry, too. For a species that so loves grooming itself on its own terms — compared to, say, their more laidback canine friends — it makes sense that your cat might want to avoid the splash zone at all costs.

Meet The Fishing Cat

So it seems that most cats might prefer to enjoy their fish dinner from the comfort of home — and that’s OK! There is, however, one wild exception.

The aptly named fishing cat dwells in tropical wetlands, where it actually enjoys swimming for dinner. A love of the H2O is built into this unique cat’s anatomy, in fact — there’s webbing between its toes, in fact, and a gray coat with black spots and stripes that let it effortlessly blend into the aquatic environment. The fishing cat uses its teeth — and, sometimes, its own two paws — to feast on fish, frogs, crabs, crayfish, and other critters. Sadly, this isn’t a cat you can bring home to call your pet — but it is cool to know that your domestic feline has a water-loving family member out there!

If you can convince your cat to come along for the ride, share a photo with the Blackfin team! And even if you can’t, worry not — there are plenty of ways to celebrate Whiskers on board. You can even name your boat after him, if you’re stumped for inspiration.

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