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Blackfin’s Guide To Bottom Fishing For Summer Catches

Blackfin’s Guide To Bottom Fishing For Summer Catches

The term “bottom feeder” might not have the best connotation — but when it comes to bottom fishing, we know some of the most prize-worthy catches are literally chomping at the bit on the ocean floor! Fortunately, with your Blackfin fishing boat, the right tackle, and a little patience, you may be able to reel in a whopper from the depths.

Just read on for some of our top tips for bottom fishing this summer!

Why Go Bottom Fishing?

Bottom fishing is a fun activity for any time of year, as it attracts a variety of fish and works in several different on-the-water environments. But it’s an especially smart to try during the peak of summertime — because just like us humans, many fish species are trying to stay cool! They can do so, in part, by avoiding the warmest, sunniest parts of the water, and instead hanging out closer to the floor.

Depending on where you fish, grouper, sea bass, and snapper are just a few of the popular species you may be able to reel in!

Tackle Smart

Gear is important to any great angling adventure — and that goes double for bottom fishing, when your tackle has to contend with moving currents, underwater structure, and (hopefully) the fish’s journey up to your Blackfin. Live bait is typically recommended for catching fish’s attention far below the surface, while a shorter rod (if possible) is helpful for hoisting up weightier fish with minimal bend. The most important piece of tackle, of course, is a weighted rig that will guide your bait to the depths.

Look For Structure

There are a few places where you can get even more out of your bottom fishing adventure! Structures like reefs, wrecks, and bridge pilings offer the best of both worlds in terms of depth and cover from the elements — making them a fish’s destination of choice (and your perfect fishing grounds).

Bounce Away

Once you’ve found a spot you feel good about, it’s time to deploy your weighted rig — aka, the sinker. At this point in the process, you’ll want to pay close attention to your lure’s movement beneath the water. In other kinds of fishing, you simply cast your line and wait for a fish to find it. In this case, though it’s important that your lure gently bounces off underwater surfaces (that’s where the structure comes in!) so it can stir up sediment and attract your catch.

It might sound like a lot — and it does force you to rely on your sense of movement, rather than sight alone. But don’t worry: The more time you spend bottom fishing, the more natural the bounce will become.

Patience Is A Virtue

Anglers know that patience goes a long way on any excursion — but the old adage is especially true when it comes to bottom fishing! Unlike trolling, where you’re constantly in motion, bottom fishing requires you to cast your line, cross your fingers, and hope it makes a stir underwater. If you don’t achieve the right bounce, or you don’t get a bite, you might need to reposition and try again. But every time you do, you’ll be one step closer to landing a catch you can be proud of.

Of course, bottom fishing is just one great way to reel in a prize-worthy catch this summer! From your Blackfin Boat, every outing has the potential to become a truly memorable angling adventure.

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