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5 Reel-y Fun Fishing Activities At The Miami International Boat Show

5 Reel-y Fun Fishing Activities At The Miami International Boat Show

It’s that time of year again: boat show season! While many of the best boat shows take place in warm convention centers removed from the frosty weather outside, the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show​ has no need for heat, coats, or winter hats — because, well, the February forecast hovers around a balmy 70 degrees.

It’s not too surprising, then, that the angling action is heating up (pun intended) at this time of year, too! The beloved show boasts plenty of fun activities for families who love to fish — but there’s just as much to explore by taking your Blackfin Boat out for a spin in the surrounding area. Cruise along with us as we share five fun ways to experience the extended boat show weekend, which runs from Feb. 14-18.

Grab A Bite

You can’t do a boat show weekend as packed as Miami’s without properly fueling beforehand. In addition to luxury culinary experiences throughout the show, you can check out Miami’s foodie fare as you boat on your Blackfin, too! Miami Beach, in particular, plays host to several bistros, hotel cafes, and celebrity chef-run restaurants perfect for leaning into the glamorous Miami lifestyle. However, there are just as many spots where you can also pick up a classic Cuban sandwich or seafood platter to be enjoyed al fresco on your Blackfin Boat. 

Learn About Local Wildlife

As an angler, you likely have a special connection to the water and the marine animals who call it “home.” You’ll be pleased to know, then, that there will be designated “manatee spotters” tasked with watching the water for signs of the gentle sea cow, all throughout the show!

While these spotters will help keep the manatees safe during sea trials, you can take a page from their guidebook by learning to train your own eyes for signs of manatees on the water — a helpful skill for anyone boating in Florida. Pro tip: Polarized sunglasses will help you catch subtle manatee movements, or the appearance of their snout sticking up from the water.

Gear Up

Before the boating season begins in earnest, you can use the Miami Boat Show as an opportunity to stock up on gear for the splashing fun ahead. The annual event is too big to hold in one venue alone, so it’s actually spread out between several Magic City destinations — and both Herald Plaza and the Miami Beach Convention Center have you covered when it comes to marine accessories.

Teach The Next Generation

If you have a budding angler in your life, this year’s show is the perfect opportunity to teach them the skills and strategies needed to take their fishing to the next level! Hook the Future’s kids fishing clinics will be on-site for exactly that. What better way to inspire a love of fishing than by bringing your little one to Florida’s on-the-water wonderland?

Cast Your Line Somewhere New

You certainly can’t leave Miami without enjoying some of the world-class fishing it’s famous for!

The boat show action will be concentrated in the middle portion of Biscayne Bay — but if you don’t mind cruising farther south, you can discover a scenic fishing backdrop that stretches all the way down to Key Largo. Sailfish, king mackerel, and various snapper are all sought-after catches you may be able to find in this area. Bonefish is another standout — the International Game Fish Association’s world-record bonefish for length was caught here, measuring in at over 2 feet!

We hope today’s itinerary helps turn your boat show weekend into a reel-y fun adventure. Be sure to stop by and say hi to your Blackfin Boats family at the show — whether you’re just looking around or are thinking about bringing home a new ride, we can’t wait to see you.

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