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Back To School With Blackfin Boats

Back To School With Blackfin Boats

It’s back-to-school season once again! Even if you’re not a student preparing for the return to books and extracurriculars, there is still plenty to keep on learning — especially when you’re boating with Blackfin. In honor of the season, we’re taking a subject-by-subject approach to some of the fun things you can learn on and off the water this fall. Just read on and take a look!

History: Famous Fishers

Over the course of history, there have been some pretty noteworthy anglers who sought inspiration in the sport — from George Washington on the Potomac, to Ernest Hemingway on the Florida Straits. If you’re a history buff, you might also be interested in learning about the transformation of fishing boats and gear over the years. For example, did you know that boats made out of reeds were used by the South American Uros people as far back as 7000 years ago? Or that archaeologists have found dugout canoes from even further back? From the modern comfort of your Blackfin, it’s easy to forget just how far fishing has come since the start of human history.

Science: What’s Beneath The Surface?

According to National Geographic, more than 80 percent of the ocean is yet to be explored — and for a planet that’s this blue, that figure points to countless discoveries awaiting in the depths. From weird fish we haven’t even meet yet (weirder, maybe, than the anglerfish or blobfish) to new plant life and so much more, there’s a lot we don’t know. Perhaps that will make your next offshore adventure even more exciting!

Math: Know Your Knots

You don’t need to break out the calculator for this lesson in geometry. Knots are a valuable tool for any angler, and the most fundamental formations — from a double surgeon’s loop to Palomar knot — are crafty combinations of pretty basic concepts like circles, right angles, and more.

Physical Education: Exercise For Fishing Success

P.E. break! Even if fall and the impending arrival of cooler weather keeps you off the water, you can still enjoy fun exercises that will keep you in top fishing form. Cardio, such as walking, jogging, or running, can help promote the endurance you need for big offshore catches come spring. Strength exercises, such as squats (even just using your own body weight), can help develop the leg and core muscles that come into play when fighting with a huge catch on deck.

Of course, you don’t need to sweat it too much — any kind of movement you like is beneficial for hitting the water, since you’ll feel limber and ready to go when it’s time to cast your line!

English: Read Up On Classic Fishing Lit

If language arts were always your favorite in school, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of books and poems about fishing — it’s a sport that inspires the mind! The Old Man and the Sea is the classic story of a man trying to break his no-catch streak with a whopper marlin; Moby-Dick is another’s quest for an even bigger catch, a white whale; while Walden is all about the quiet, contemplative life discovered at one New England pond.

Art: Get Creative

Embrace your inner artist by illustrating your life on the water! Whether it’s an oil painting of a beautiful aquatic landscape, or a sketch of your favorite catch, there is no shortage of ways to combine your passions for art and angling.

Music: Curate Your Perfect Angling Playlist

Don’t forget about music class. Whether you’re about to hit the water or settling in for the fall, it’s always a good time to curate a selection of songs that reflect your taste and on-the-water style — whether that’s laidback island vibes, relaxing spa-style rhythms, or classic throwback rock.

Geography: What’s Biting & Where?

What better way to brush up on your geography than by searching the world for your dream fishing destination? One fun activity for kids and kids-at-heart alike is to close their eyes and pick a random spot on a spinning globe — then, research the area and its fishing finds to consider its possible place on your angling bucket list!

We hope that today’s “syllabus” helps you see your splashing surroundings in a new way! Here’s to many more lightbulb moments on the water, this fall and all year long.

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